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StarDot Technologies, based in Buena Park, California, has been designing and manufacturing remote imaging and video solutions since 1994. We have provided solutions to a wide variety of organizations, including the National Park Service, the FAA, NOAA and NASA. Applications include security, tourism, construction, education, government and many other users who need to view, record and export high-resolution video and images.

All of the engineering is done in USA. The product line includes four generations of NetCam (supporting resolutions up to 10MP), Express video servers (connect up to eight video cameras to a network) , StarDot DVR/NVR (IP-based digital video recording software), and an entirely new camera category, the MCLDC DTV Camera, DTV DVR product line which uses digital television signaling to exceed the best qualities of all other common security camera types.

StarDot carefully engineers all of its devices so that they provide the most forensically accurate quality of image, preferring to produce images which retain the highest possible information content for use in solving problems, rather than simplified images which at quick glance appeal to the eye with distorted colors or details cropped off from shadows. The highly parallel nature of StarDot color processing allows more operations to be done on the finished images than any other camera solution in its class, with such exotic features as smart sharpening; an algorithm which by itself would use up all available processor power in CPU based designs. StarDot cameras are detail oriented, with real working autoiris logic rather than a simple voltage to drive such lenses fully open. StarDot engineers the operating system in their cameras to be standards compliant, with cross platform compatibility and light weight interface, making them usable across very slow and/or high latency connections. StarDot carefully selects any plug-ins for its web pages, so as to work with the most browsers. Other vendors maximize specific demonstration modes at the expense of usability in the real world.

StarDot products are sold through international distributors, national resellers and through its direct sales staff. The NetCam SC security line is sold through security sales channels.


last updated: 07.11.2017