StarDot 360 and 180 Degree Solutions


Situational Awareness

In scenarios where a bird's eye view of an entire scene is required, StarDot's multi-megapixel 360° and 180° dome solutions fit the bill. A single strategically placed camera can be used to survey a very large scene from one vantage point, single handedly providing video of all incoming, outgoing and internal activity. When combined with other standard view cameras, a StarDot 180° or 360° camera can be used to fill in the gaps and provide valuable footage not possible to capture with regionally focused cameras.

Single Camera Surveillance

Small footprint retail chains, such as liquor stores, convenience stores and check cashing facilities can all take advantage of StarDot's 360° and 180° Single Camera Surveillance solutions.

Liquor Store

A single camera can view the entire location, including behind the counter, merchandise, cash register, entry way, employees and customers.

All activity is captured in a single camera overview shot, saving bandwidth, storage and time during forensic playback.

And unlike 180/360 solutions in the analog CCTV world, StarDot's solutions are available up to 5 megapixels, 15 times more resolution than the best analog CCTV camera.


360° vs 180°

Both 360° and 180° views can be accomplished with the same camera. What determines the view is how the camera is mounted. A 360° view is accomplished by mounting the camera on a ceiling and aiming the lens straight down. A 180° view is had by mounting the camera on a vertical surface such as a wall.

StarDot offers 180/360 cameras in both vandal resistant dome packages as well as block cameras, available in 1.3, 3 and 5 megapixel resolution.